Restoring Outlook Categories

Similar to Autocomplete settings, Outlook Categories are saved in a Stream_CategoryList_1_guid.dat file. The GUID is random, and looks something like this: In order to restore Outlook Categories when creating a new profile, you can use the same approach required for restoring Autocomplete files. Basically, rename the old categories .dat file to match the DAT file … Continue reading Restoring Outlook Categories

Transfer Outlook 2010 Autocomplete Cache to a New Profile

One issue that can happen when creating a new Outlook profile in order to configure Office 365 access is that the Autocomplete cache disappears - the reason for this is that the autocomplete cache is tied to the old profile, and doesn't get carried over automatically… the good news is that there is a way … Continue reading Transfer Outlook 2010 Autocomplete Cache to a New Profile

Pro Tip: Quieting Outlook Email Notifications

I recently took part in an Office 365 YamJam – basically, a bunch of folks in Yammer asking and answering questions, sharing information, and learning new things… it was a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose, but it was awesome! One thing that we noticed really quickly was that we were getting … Continue reading Pro Tip: Quieting Outlook Email Notifications

Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Now, I know that Google isn't reading my blog posts… but low and behold, several days after blogging about why I've left Google for Microsoft's tender embrace, Google pushed out an update to Chrome (still my favorite browser, mind you) that streamlines the interface - somewhat. Ok, got it… One big clean homepage - recent … Continue reading Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Exclaimer Outlook Photos

Outlook Photos by Exclaimer is a great (free!) utility for adding photos to your Exchange users and distribution groups, allowing you to put faces to names and greatly improving the social aspects that Outlook 2010 has built in (It's also a great way of super-imposing mustaches on all your users in preparation for Movember :D). … Continue reading Exclaimer Outlook Photos