Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Now, I know that Google isn’t reading my blog posts… but low and behold, several days after blogging about why I’ve left Google for Microsoft’s tender embrace, Google pushed out an update to Chrome (still my favorite browser, mind you) that streamlines the interface – somewhat.

Ok, got it…

One big clean homepage – recent location thumbnails have shrunk, and they’ve cleaned up a huge chunk of bloat that used to be along the top bar, and the overall effect is quite pleasing.

Where’s the rest?

Clicking on the little grid in the top right corner gives you access to the Google Cornucopia:

Sadly, however… Gmail still has the same old cluttered look and feel – maybe more updates coming down the road? While I’m more than willing to agree that my ex has lost some weight and is looking pretty sweet, Outlook and Office 365 have still captured my heart – plus, Outlook uses Segoe UI!

Sweet, sweet Segoe… ❤

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