Microsoft Flow: Tweet New Posts from WordPress

While looking for a new plugin to post to Twitter whenever I publish a new blog post, I decided to give Microsoft Flow a try - here's what the process looks like: Log in to Flow (or create a free account) - you can search the gallery of templates if you like, or just click … Continue reading Microsoft Flow: Tweet New Posts from WordPress

How and when Clutter is enabled

This question has been bugging me since Clutter was launched, and I was happy to find this thread on the IT Pro Network that answered it. Clutter is one of those features that I take for granted now, but it's definitely a question that comes up during migrations when users are starting to see it, … Continue reading How and when Clutter is enabled

Restoring Outlook Categories

Similar to Autocomplete settings, Outlook Categories are saved in a Stream_CategoryList_1_guid.dat file. The GUID is random, and looks something like this: In order to restore Outlook Categories when creating a new profile, you can use the same approach required for restoring Autocomplete files. Basically, rename the old categories .dat file to match the DAT file … Continue reading Restoring Outlook Categories

Distribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

Office 365 Groups: Next Gen Distribution Lists? Lately Microsoft has been putting a lot of focus on Office 365 groups as an ad hoc, user driven collaboration platform. These Office 365 Groups are also used for Microsoft Planner, as each Office 365 Group creates a plan, and every time a user creates a new plan … Continue reading Distribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

Testing Office Message Encryption (OME)

Here is what the end to end experience looks like while using Office Message Encryption (OME). First, a transport rule was created that encrypted any email between my Office 365 account and my Gmail account. Secondly, create an email in OWA or Outlook and send it to the target address. The client (in this case, … Continue reading Testing Office Message Encryption (OME)

Add a Delegate in Skype for Business

Note that this option will only work for clients that have Enterprise Voice enabled - specifically, this option is only available in on premise deployments of Skype for Business, as the Exchange Delegates don't get synced into Skype for Business Online. I've tested against a cloud only Skype for Business client, and there is no … Continue reading Add a Delegate in Skype for Business