Exclaimer Outlook Photos

Outlook Photos by Exclaimer is a great (free!) utility for adding photos to your Exchange users and distribution groups, allowing you to put faces to names and greatly improving the social aspects that Outlook 2010 has built in (It’s also a great way of super-imposing mustaches on all your users in preparation for Movember :D).

Start by downloading the program from their website and installing it on your system. You can install it on any computer on the domain, as it will ask you where your AD is, and scan it remotely – you don’t need to install it on your server.

There are several ways to go about getting the users who need photos – you can either tell Outlook Photos to scan the entire Active Directory to find users that need photos:


Or you can point at a folder of photos that you’ve got prepared and let Outlook Photos match them up:


If you’re going to be using this option, make sure you name all your images with the correct names of the users you want to update. OP will scan through your AD and match the file names to the names of people it finds, and then ask you to manually assign any names it can’t find a match for.


Also, you can refine your search to a specific OU by clicking the Scan AD button:



Once you click it, a window will pop up where you can select the container that you want to search:



If you have multiple Domain Controllers, a warning will pop up in the ribbon recommending you select a specific DC to make the changes on:



Go ahead and choose a DC, and click OK for it to search the container and show you all the users that need / have pictures associated with their profile (based on your choice of what it should display):



Once you’ve found the user or users that you want to update, double click on them in the list and select Choose Picture:



Browse for the picture that you want to replace it with and click Update: note that whatever size image you choose, it will be adjusted to 96×96 pixels, so you might want to start with them at that size if you don’t want scaling silliness to ensue.



After putting your admin password in, the thumbnailPhoto field is now populated – rinse and repeat until you’ve got all your users updated.



One important thing to remember is that these changes won’t show up automatically, as Outlook will only sync the Global Address List once per day – if you want to force the changes sooner in order to see the magic that you have just created, open Outlook and click Send /Receive – Send/Receive Groups – then Download Address Book…



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