Block Yammer Access in Office 365

Since April 2016, Microsoft deprecated Yammer Single Sign On capabilities - up until this point, if you wanted to block users from accessing Yammer, you needed to configure a relying party trust in ADFS / SSO, and block all users who are not members of a specific group. While this feature worked well (in my … Continue reading Block Yammer Access in Office 365

Force ADFS Database Sync

This'll be a quick one - I ran into an issue last night where my secondary ADFS servers were not updating their database settings from the primary, and hadn't updated in over 10 days. This was causing problems, as I had made some changes to ADFS to configure Yammer SSO, and the correct claims rules … Continue reading Force ADFS Database Sync

Pro Tip: Quieting Outlook Email Notifications

I recently took part in an Office 365 YamJam – basically, a bunch of folks in Yammer asking and answering questions, sharing information, and learning new things… it was a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose, but it was awesome! One thing that we noticed really quickly was that we were getting … Continue reading Pro Tip: Quieting Outlook Email Notifications