OneDrive: Deleted user retention

As part of ongoing user management, this question comes up from time to time: What happens to a user's OneDrive library when their account is deleted? The short answer is that user data is retained for 60 days after their account is deleted, and then irretrievable after that. During that time, the data can be … Continue reading OneDrive: Deleted user retention

Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

One of the admin controls that has recently been added to OneDrive for Business is the ability to restrict file sync to only work on domain joined machines. Here's how you enable this: First, you need to get the domain GUID by running the following command in PowerShell: [powershell] $domains = (Get-ADForest).Domains; foreach($d in $domains) … Continue reading Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

When you connect to as many different Office 365 tenancies as I do, it's easy to lose track of which tenant you're connecting to - especially if you're working on one project, but logging on to another tenant to test changes. Sure enough, I was testing OneDrive sync restrictions for a client, and I accidentally … Continue reading Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

OneDrive for Business Installer

I haven't had a chance to install OneDrive for Business since the Microsoft rebranded SkyDrive Pro a few weeks ago, but I ran into a gotcha this morning when I tried to set up OneDrive on a client's system: there is no automatic download available for OneDrive for Business (at least at this point). Instead, … Continue reading OneDrive for Business Installer

Yammer for all Office 365 Enterprise customers

Yammer for you! Depending on your own personal level of adoption of the business social network, this announcement by Microsoft may or may not be exciting news for you: All Enterprise Office 365 accounts now have Yammer Enterprise licensing baked right in. Not sure what Yammer Enterprise brings to the table? Here's a breakdown of … Continue reading Yammer for all Office 365 Enterprise customers

Lync 2013 Test Drive

Found this excellent post by Benoit Hamet - Microsoft has provided a complete Test Drive environment allowing you to set up a Lync 2013 Lab for testing and evaluation purposes: This download comes as a pre-configured set of VHD's. This download enables you to fully evaluate the Microsoft Lync 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, … Continue reading Lync 2013 Test Drive

SkyDrive Pro and Office 2010

No soup for you!! I recently ran into an issue trying to synchronize a SharePoint Online document library on a client's computer - if you clicked on the link to synchronize a library, the following error would be displayed: I've highlighted the clue as to what the problem is - this webpage requires a program … Continue reading SkyDrive Pro and Office 2010