Understanding Office 365 ProPlus Servicing

How do updates work in this new paradigm? In my recent experience with deploying Office 365 Pro Plus, the methodology for deploying updates is still somewhat mystifying for most administrators - diagrams like this one don't really help us to understand exactly how we want to (or should) apply updates: I mean, in theory it … Continue reading Understanding Office 365 ProPlus Servicing

Microsoft Flow: Tweet New Posts from WordPress

While looking for a new plugin to post to Twitter whenever I publish a new blog post, I decided to give Microsoft Flow a try - here's what the process looks like: Log in to Flow (or create a free account) - you can search the gallery of templates if you like, or just click … Continue reading Microsoft Flow: Tweet New Posts from WordPress

Use PowerShell to Update Room Calendar Working Hours

I recently had a request to update a bunch of Meeting Room calendars whose Working Hours were set to the wrong time zone, which was causing issues when users tried to view or book appointments in those rooms. Now, I know I could do this by logging into each room manually, but where's the fun … Continue reading Use PowerShell to Update Room Calendar Working Hours

Restoring Outlook Categories

Similar to Autocomplete settings, Outlook Categories are saved in a Stream_CategoryList_1_guid.dat file. The GUID is random, and looks something like this: In order to restore Outlook Categories when creating a new profile, you can use the same approach required for restoring Autocomplete files. Basically, rename the old categories .dat file to match the DAT file … Continue reading Restoring Outlook Categories

RetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

I ran into an issue today where we discovered that a subset of our users with mailboxes that had been migrated to Office 365 had Retention Hold enabled on their mailboxes - what was strange about this was that we hadn't set this at all during our migration, and it seemed to be randomly applied … Continue reading RetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

Migrating to Office 365: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Last night marked the launch of a new Cloud / Office 365 user group hosted by the team at Long View Systems - I had the pleasure of being the inaugural speaker, and we ended up having a great discussion around the various migration strategies available when moving email into Exchange Online. It was awesome¬†getting … Continue reading Migrating to Office 365: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Find which server DirSync is installed on

As consultants, we often find ourselves in environments that haven't been properly managed, and usually not properly documented - which is generally why we get called in. In this particular situation, I was asked to install and configure DirSync / AAD Connect for a client - only to find out that it was already installed! … Continue reading Find which server DirSync is installed on

Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

One of the admin controls that has recently been added to OneDrive for Business is the ability to restrict file sync to only work on domain joined machines. Here's how you enable this: First, you need to get the domain GUID by running the following command in PowerShell: [powershell] $domains = (Get-ADForest).Domains; foreach($d in $domains) … Continue reading Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

When you connect to as many different Office 365 tenancies as I do, it's easy to lose track of which tenant you're connecting to - especially if you're working on one project, but logging on to another tenant to test changes. Sure enough, I was testing OneDrive sync restrictions for a client, and I accidentally … Continue reading Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition