Microsoft Flow: Tweet New Posts from WordPress

While looking for a new plugin to post to Twitter whenever I publish a new blog post, I decided to give Microsoft Flow a try – here’s what the process looks like:

Log in to Flow (or create a free account) – you can search the gallery of templates if you like,

or just click on my flows and then create from blank to get started.

Start by adding a trigger – here we just search for WordPress, but you can add a number and variety of triggers:

Next, sign in to your WordPress account:

Once signed in, click Approve to allow Power Apps to connect to your WordPress sites – you can see from the screenshot below that if you have multiple sites, this will allow Power Apps to access them all.

Next, click on New step, and add a new action:

Now we’re going to post to Twitter, so search for Twitter, then select the Twitter – Post a tweet action.

Next, sign in to Twitter to create a new connection:

Then authorize Power Apps to post on your behalf:

I chose the options to post the Title and the URL of the post along with the New Post: text, but you can choose from a number of options for adding dynamic content – another cool idea would be to post your Like or Comment count once a post has received a certain number of either metric.

Save your flow, and you’re good to go!


It looks like there’s quite a few options available for creating your own custom flows and apps Microsoft Flow – I look forward to seeing what other cool things I can come up with! 😉

Happy New Year, one and all!!


** Edit: Looks like you can’t use URL in the Media section – only actual video or image files, so I changed the Tweet text to “New Post: Title – URL

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