Cannot Delete a Mailbox with Retention Policies Enabled

I ran into a weird issue this week where I was trying to forcibly remove a deleted (inactive) mailbox, and was getting the following error: "The user mailbox couldn't be permanently deleted. The user mailbox has at least one type of hold or hold policy applied to it." The annoying thing about it was that … Continue reading Cannot Delete a Mailbox with Retention Policies Enabled

RetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

I ran into an issue today where we discovered that a subset of our users with mailboxes that had been migrated to Office 365 had Retention Hold enabled on their mailboxes - what was strange about this was that we hadn't set this at all during our migration, and it seemed to be randomly applied … Continue reading RetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

Deleted item retention

When dealing with deleted items in Office 365, it's important to remember that there are always 2 retention policies that are applied to items that are deleted: The first retention policy is the one that can be edited in the Exchange admin Center (detailed below), and affects items that are sent to the Trash, or … Continue reading Deleted item retention