Prevent users from creating OneDrive sites

Something I run into quite frequently on projects is the need (or desire) to control the rollout of OneDrive - I've had to come up with creative ways to block OneDrive access multiple times over the years. However, this time around, we don't want to block access to OneDrive completely - we just want to … Continue reading Prevent users from creating OneDrive sites

Limit OneDrive Access from Non-managed Devices

Microsoft has recently released conditional access policies in Azure AD Premium / Intune that will allow you to restrict access to SharePoint and OneDrive from non-managed devices. While this feature is still in preview (expected to go GA by the end of the year), I believe it'll go a long way to helping companies properly … Continue reading Limit OneDrive Access from Non-managed Devices

Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

One of the admin controls that has recently been added to OneDrive for Business is the ability to restrict file sync to only work on domain joined machines. Here's how you enable this: First, you need to get the domain GUID by running the following command in PowerShell: [powershell] $domains = (Get-ADForest).Domains; foreach($d in $domains) … Continue reading Enable OneDrive domain sync restrictions

Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

When you connect to as many different Office 365 tenancies as I do, it's easy to lose track of which tenant you're connecting to - especially if you're working on one project, but logging on to another tenant to test changes. Sure enough, I was testing OneDrive sync restrictions for a client, and I accidentally … Continue reading Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

OST is in use and cannot be accessed

I ran into this weird error after deploying Office 365 Pro Plus with Skype for Business - it only affected a few users, but it was incredibly annoying, and the error message was somewhat misleading:   Other times we'd see this error:   After doing a bit of research, it turned out that these errors … Continue reading OST is in use and cannot be accessed

OneDrive for Business Installer

I haven't had a chance to install OneDrive for Business since the Microsoft rebranded SkyDrive Pro a few weeks ago, but I ran into a gotcha this morning when I tried to set up OneDrive on a client's system: there is no automatic download available for OneDrive for Business (at least at this point). Instead, … Continue reading OneDrive for Business Installer