PowerShell: Connect to Lync Online

The issue: unable to discover PowerShell endpoint URI I don't run into this error very often, but it's happened enough times in the last few weeks that I really wanted to come up with a permanent/elegant solution. This error can happen when Lync/Skype is configured in a hybrid deployment, and autodiscover is pointing back on-prem … Continue reading PowerShell: Connect to Lync Online

OST is in use and cannot be accessed

I ran into this weird error after deploying Office 365 Pro Plus with Skype for Business - it only affected a few users, but it was incredibly annoying, and the error message was somewhat misleading:   Other times we'd see this error:   After doing a bit of research, it turned out that these errors … Continue reading OST is in use and cannot be accessed

Add a Delegate in Skype for Business

Note that this option will only work for clients that have Enterprise Voice enabled - specifically, this option is only available in on premise deployments of Skype for Business, as the Exchange Delegates don't get synced into Skype for Business Online. I've tested against a cloud only Skype for Business client, and there is no … Continue reading Add a Delegate in Skype for Business