PowerShell: Manage Privileged Roles (PIM)

I've done some work recently with Azure AD Privileged Identity Management, and I wanted to find a way to streamline the request process for an administrator who needs to run some PowerShell scripts or commands so that the whole request/approval process can be simplified and streamlined.   Enabling Privileged Identity Management Note that if you … Continue reading PowerShell: Manage Privileged Roles (PIM)

Testing Office Message Encryption (OME)

Here is what the end to end experience looks like while using Office Message Encryption (OME). First, a transport rule was created that encrypted any email between my Office 365 account and my Gmail account. Secondly, create an email in OWA or Outlook and send it to the target address. The client (in this case, … Continue reading Testing Office Message Encryption (OME)

Tenant changes required for Office Message Encryption

When setting up Office 365 Message Encryption (OME), there are some changes to your tenant's IRM (Information Rights Management) configuration which requires connecting to Exchange Online through Powershell. Once connected to Exchange Online, start by checking your existing IRM Configuration by running the following command: Note that there is no RMS Online Key Sharing Location … Continue reading Tenant changes required for Office Message Encryption