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I haven’t had a chance to install OneDrive for Business since the Microsoft rebranded SkyDrive Pro a few weeks ago, but I ran into a gotcha this morning when I tried to set up OneDrive on a client’s system: there is no automatic download available for OneDrive for Business (at least at this point). Instead, you get a popup on Windows 8 asking you how you want to open a grvopen:// link – similar to what happens if you try to install SkyDrive Pro with Office 2010, talked about in this blog post here:

Thankfully, there is a download available here:, and it uses the same Microsoft Click-To-Run technology as Office 2013 does. I’ve been a big fan of Click-to-Run in Office 2013, especially considering how quickly you have access to Office (streaming features in the background), and the fact that it keeps your programs up to date, and streams updates in as they become available. Having this tied in to OneDrive for Business is only going to make things better, as they can slipstream improvements in on they fly. I love OneDrive (in principle), but it can definitely stand to be improved up on – I haven’t been all that impressed with its stability and flexibility with handling different file types and such, but I’m willing to keep using it as part of my cloud strategy.

At any rate, grab the client if you need it, and follow the install procedure listed on the site:

Installing the client

To install the OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) sync client, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro).
  2. In the “OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) sync client installers” section, click the OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) installer for your language and system edition. If you are already running an x86 or x64 edition of Office, you must select the same edition type for OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro).
  3. Run the downloaded file to start the Setup program.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. If you are asked to provide a license key, enter 3V9N8-W93CC-FQPB8-Y9WVF-TVGJ3.
  6. Open your personal OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) document library or any SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 website document library. Then, click the Sync button to sync the libraries.


From <>

Don’t do like I did and close my laptop halfway through because I had to run out to a meeting, screwing up my Click-to-Run install!

Good luck, have fun 😉

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