Setting up GoDaddy domains in Office 365

I posted some time back about the new feature that came up in Office 365, that allowed you to purchase a domain directly from GoDaddy and completely configure it - all without having to leave the Office 365 portal. A few caveats are that it only seems to be available in Midsize in Enterprise plans … Continue reading Setting up GoDaddy domains in Office 365

Deleted item retention

When dealing with deleted items in Office 365, it's important to remember that there are always 2 retention policies that are applied to items that are deleted: The first retention policy is the one that can be edited in the Exchange admin Center (detailed below), and affects items that are sent to the Trash, or … Continue reading Deleted item retention

How to blacklist a domain in Office 365

Log in to your Exchange admin center, and go to mail flow - rules: Click on the plus icon to create a new rule, and choose Bypass spam filtering: Note: You can use this same rule to either whitelist or blacklist a domain depending on the options you choose later. As you can see, there … Continue reading How to blacklist a domain in Office 365

Delegated Access & Sent items

Keeping sent items in the correct mailbox is a common problem for Exchange users who have delegated access to a shared mailbox, or even Send As permissions on another user's mailbox. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem, and it works the same whether your Exchange is on premise, or in Office 365. The … Continue reading Delegated Access & Sent items

IMAP Migrations: Last synced time is WRONG!!

This has been driving me crazy - I'm running an IMAP migration for one of our clients, and the batches don't appear to have been running their regular incremental sync (by default supposed to run every 24 hours). After digging around in PowerShell cmdlets trying to see if I could find a way to determine … Continue reading IMAP Migrations: Last synced time is WRONG!!