Excel slow to open network files

We ran into an issue with Excel files taking a long time to open from a network location after Trend 8 was installed – the issue has something to do with the way Trend scans files before it allows them to open. One of the indicators of this problem was that when you open a spreadsheet off the server, we’d see three dialogue steps in the progress bar:

Contacting filename.xls…
Downloading filename.xls…
Opening filename.xls…

With a progress indicator beside each step, almost as if there’s a delay forcing a download of the file. When Trend is disabled, the file opens immediately – at least, the steps happen so fast that we don’t see them at all.


The fix that was recommended by Trend support worked for this situation:

  • Open the ofscan.ini share on the server where Trend is installed.


  • Find AvoidExcelSaveIssue in ofcscan.ini, and change it to 0.


  • Logon the web console, and go to Global settings. Click on “Save” without doing any change. This will push the AvoidExcelSaveIssue setting to client.


  • Wait for 5 minutes for the setting to deploy.
  • To verify if the setting was applied:

Open the registry and go to


Verify that the REG_DWORD —> AvoidExcelSaveIssue = 0 is in place
Reboot machine to apply the settings – you should be good to go after the reboot. Of course, your mileage may vary

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