LogMeIn Host Preference Packages

We’ve been having an issue with LogMeIn crashing when we connect to a remote computer – LogMeIn gave me an option to try, and then showed me a neat trick to apply it to all our servers at once. Rather than going to the preferences for each server individually, you can create a Host Preference Package and apply it globally, or to individual groups or computers.


Here’s how you create or edit the preference packages

Open LogMeIn Central, and click on Host Preferences:


Click on Add Package, or select one of the existing packages to edit it.


If you’re creating a new preference package, give it a name here:


From here on, the options will be the same if you are creating a new profile, or editing an existing one.

Click on the Category drop-down box:


There are three general settings I apply, and they’re under Network, Log Settings and Remote Control.


Under Network, I set the auto-update option so that the client stays up-to-date automatically:


Under Log Settings, I turn on debug-level logging: (This helps LogMeIn support immensely when it comes to troubleshooting)


Under Remote Control, I’m unchecking the option to disable wallpaper (this was the fix for BG Info crashing that I blogged about earlier):


Make sure you click Save at the bottom of each screen, and then when you’re done editing everything, click Finish and Save All.


The final step is to Assign it the computers you want it on – note that with this system, you can create different preference packages, and assign it to whichever computers you want. You can only apply these packages to computers that are on a Pro account – Free users need not apply:


Select all the computers you want to add from the list, and then hit the arrow to assign them to the group. Click Save when you’re done – your settings have now been applied to all the selected computers at once. This was a huge time saver, and a great way to make sure you have the same settings on all your remote computers.

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