SkyDrive Pro and Office 2010

No soup for you!!

I recently ran into an issue trying to synchronize a SharePoint Online document library on a client’s computer – if you clicked on the link to synchronize a library, the following error would be displayed:

I’ve highlighted the clue as to what the problem is – this webpage requires a program that you don’t have installed.

Also contributing to our treasure hunt is the address it’s trying to connect to:

The Artist Formerly Known as “Groove”

Grvopen:// was the protocol that opened Groove – which was later changed to SharePoint Workspace, and then changed again to become SkyDrive Pro. So basically, SharePoint is trying to open SkyDrive Pro, but the application isn’t installed.

This causes a bit of a problem, since SkyDrive Pro comes as part of Office 2013, and Microsoft does not provide a download in the software section of Office 365, and you need to download SkyDrive Pro from the Microsoft Download Center (clicking on the image below will take you there)

You need to choose either the 32bit or 64bit version of SkyDrive Pro: this is not based (as I first thought) on your version of Windows, but on your version of Office – so unless you’re using 64bit Office, then choose the 32bit version:

Once you download and install the SkyDrive Pro client, go ahead and click on that link again in SharePoint:

You should now see SkyDrive Pro taking over:

Once it finishes connecting, you’ll be able to access your SkyDrive Pro (all glorious 25GBs of it!), as well as any libraries that you need to be able to synchronize on your computer.

Good luck, have fun!

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