Sync Multiple SkyDrive Pro Libraries

Right after my last blog post talking about increased SkyDrive Pro storage, I had Colin ask me whether or not it was possible to create a shortcut on your computer for your Office 365 SkyDrive Pro? We both already had Skydrive Pro installed and syncing with SharePoint 2013 on premise… Well, I’m happy to say that SkyDrive pro handles multiple sync locations quite elegantly – here’s my answer!

“For sure! Just log in to Office 365, and sync your SkyDrive:

Ready to sync? I was born ready!!

I was curious to see if I’d have multiple SkyDrive Pro clients in my taskbar, or just how it would handle multiple locations – easy… you’ll just end up with multiple SkyDrive Pro folders, like so:

If you’re like me and you can’t stand the name “SkyDrive Pro 1” – you can rename any shortcuts to the folder, but be warned – if you rename the folder it’ll break the synchronization.

Ahh… much better!”

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