Error Re-configuring ADFS

I recently had to re-deploy an ADFS farm, and ran into the following error while finishing the ADFS configuration: Unable to open the physical file: "C:WindowsWIDDataAdfsArtifactStore.mdf". Operating system error 2: "2(The system cannot find the file specified.)" Not only is the error a bit misleading, it also doesn't give you any ideas on how to … Continue reading Error Re-configuring ADFS

Force ADFS Database Sync

This'll be a quick one - I ran into an issue last night where my secondary ADFS servers were not updating their database settings from the primary, and hadn't updated in over 10 days. This was causing problems, as I had made some changes to ADFS to configure Yammer SSO, and the correct claims rules … Continue reading Force ADFS Database Sync