The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Microsoft recently announced some sexy improvements to SharePoint Online, and I thought I’d recap the main points and shout it out from the mountaintops – hey, I’m excited about it!

  • Improved file upload experience: increased file upload limit from 250MB to 2 GB and expanded support for a broader range of file types.

    This is pretty sweet, as users will now be able to upload larger files (such as CAD drawings and video files). Users can upload the files through drag and drop, standard file upload, or just use SkyDrive Pro. 
    This comes on the heels of a recent announcement increasing the default storage provisioned per user in SkyDrive Pro (from 7GB to 25GB)

  • Increased Site collection and list lookup limits: increased site collection limit from 3,000 to 10,000 and list lookup threshold to 12 lookups.

    Note that this only applies to Enterprise plans – Small & Midsize business still only have 1 & 20 site collections respectively. It’s a bit scary to think of a single tenancy having that many site collections, but it’s just goes to show how scalable Office 365 really is!

  • Improved self-restoration: increasing recycle bin retention duration and turning versioning on by default for new SkyDrive Pro libraries.

    You now have 90 days to recover items deleted from your SharePoint libraries, AND your SkyDrive Pro library. That, and turning on versioning by default in SkyDrive Pro? Office 365 is the gift that keeps on giving!

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