Set SkyDrive Pro storage limits

A new feature that’s recently popped up in the SharePoint admin center allows you to manage storage limits for individual user’s Personal Site, now called SkyDrive Pro. SkyDrive Pro is an awesome utility that gives you greater storage and sharing capabilities, while allowing you to sync a SharePoint library on your computer. Like it’s free cousin (just called SkyDrive), SkyDrive Pro installs a utility in your taskbar, and continually keeps your files synchronized with their online versions.

So What?
Small and Midsize Business plans each allow for an allocation of 25GB of storage per user, as soon as they are provisioned. This amount is counted separately, and does not add to or subtract the overall storage allocation for a tenant.

However, Enterprise plans (E1-E3) allow you to allocate up to a whopping 100GB per user!
One thing to note is that while the first 25GBs are free (per user), you’ll have to take the remaining Gigabytes out of your shared storage quota. You can find more information on how this works here.

Now What?
Head over to your SharePoint admin center, and you’ll find a new link for SkyDrive Pro, like so:

Type in the name or email address of the user whose quota you want to adjust, and select their name from the people picker:

You’ll be able to see what the user’s current usage is, and then change their storage limit up from 25GB to either 50GB or 100GB. At this point, there are no custom options, just those 3.

Click Save to apply your changes, and you’re done!

You will also see a storage allocation meter on this page, and it will go up and down as you assign (or limit) storage for your users:

But wait, there’s more!
If you find yourself running out of space, you can always purchase more at the low cost of $.25 per Gigabyte, per month. This allows you to easily expand your storage needs as you require them, and then trim them back when you no longer need the space as simple as the click of a button… well done, Microsoft!

3 thoughts on “Set SkyDrive Pro storage limits

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    what I definitely don’t understand is, how the utilization is calculated on the admin center: there the “current storage allocation” is showing 25GB although I have above 10 users. So I understand it as ‘per user’-meter. BUT then again there it shows already 14GB used. Since it is not my account, how can I find who has uploaded so much? Further how can I run a report of utilization per user for the whole org, without the UI “change storage limit” – but, say, with powershell?


    1. Hey Boian,
      Honestly I’ve been wondering this as well – I did some digging for some PowerShell love, but haven’t been able to find anything. Even trying to calculate what had been used in relation to how many users I had didn’t really work out to what my current tenant storage allocation was. The only thing useful I’ve been able to determine is that each user gets 25GB by default, and any storage increases you give them cut into your overall tenancy storage. Keep this in mind when you’re allocating SkyDrive storage – as soon as you provision 50GB for a user, that extra 25GBs comes out of your overall storage immediately, regardless of whether or not it’s being used. Good news is, you can go through your SkyDrive users (GUI only, unfortunately) and see who is actually using the space, and cut them back accordingly. I’ll keep looking for a PowerShell solution, and update my post if I find one.


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