Missing folders in Outlook 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that one of the latest security updates for Office 2013 is faulty, and one of the symptoms that it causes is an empty Outlook 2013 folder pane:

Thankfully, the fix is simple – you just need to uninstall KB2817630 and KB2810009, and your folders return in all their glory!

You may find, (like us) that you have multiple copies of the KB’s showing up in Installed Updates – simply uninstall all instances of the offending KBs, and you’ll be fine.

One other thing to note – if you’re using Intune to manage your devices, you’ll need to pull the update out of your Approved for Update list, or your users will get notifications to re-install it as soon as it’s uninstalled.

Here’s how you do that:

Log in to your Admin Console, and click on Updates:

Do a search for the updates you want to pull out of your previous approval:

Select your updates, and click Decline:

Yes, yes… we want them gone:

No more update!

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