PowerShell: Create Admin Credentials

This post is the second in a series on short posts with some of my favorite PowerShell tips and tricks (first one here, in case you missed it). This next script is another building block I use in many other scripts - especially ones where I know I'm going to be connecting to the same … Continue reading PowerShell: Create Admin Credentials

PowerShell: Connect to Exchange Online

I know there's a number of scripts out there that can handle automating (or at least simplifying the process of connecting to Exchange Online - I've realized over the years, though, that there's a number of tips and tricks that I've adopted to make my day to day life easier. Here's one of them… I … Continue reading PowerShell: Connect to Exchange Online

Troubleshooting Hybrid Azure AD Join

Hybrid Azure AD Join and Conditional Access One of the cool features of Azure AD Conditional Access Policies is being able to require that machines be domain joined, essentially locking down your access to corporate devices only, and preventing non-managed or non-trusted devices from being able to access your business data. You can see from … Continue reading Troubleshooting Hybrid Azure AD Join

Use PowerShell to find Mail Contacts

It seems like one of the tasks I do the most on projects is discovery and documentation of existing settings in a client's environment. While there's a number of reports in the Office 365 portal, I find that nothing beats PowerShell for getting just what I want when I want it - and this time … Continue reading Use PowerShell to find Mail Contacts

Troubleshooting ADFS/CBA: Error 342

I ran into this error today while configuring Certificate Based Authentication (CBA), and it was a weird enough of an issue that I thought it would be useful to post it and share the fix. After configuring my CRL so that it was published publicly (this is required for both your Root CA, as well … Continue reading Troubleshooting ADFS/CBA: Error 342

Office ProPlus: Access to Group Files

This is something that we've been waiting to see since April 2017, but I'm so happy to see it's actually there now! I looked around and couldn't find this change listed on the Office 365 Roadmap, or even on the Office Insider sites - kudos to Michiel van den Broek on the Microsoft Tech Community … Continue reading Office ProPlus: Access to Group Files

Error Opening Office 365 Meeting Requests

Ran into this issue recently, and it's a bit of a weird one that you might possibly run into as you're migrating to Office 365. Here's the scenario: A cloud user sends a meeting invite to someone on prem - on prem user accepts the invitation, and everything's all good (so far). Cloud user updates … Continue reading Error Opening Office 365 Meeting Requests

Office 2013 and Modern Auth

Office 2013 and modern auth have a bit of a shaky relationship - once you're working with Office Pro Plus, or even 2016, the experience is a whole lot smoother. Sadly, Office 2013 feels like it's a bit of a hit and a miss when trying to nail down authentication errors, especially if you can't … Continue reading Office 2013 and Modern Auth

PowerShell: Connect to Lync Online

The issue: unable to discover PowerShell endpoint URI I don't run into this error very often, but it's happened enough times in the last few weeks that I really wanted to come up with a permanent/elegant solution. This error can happen when Lync/Skype is configured in a hybrid deployment, and autodiscover is pointing back on-prem … Continue reading PowerShell: Connect to Lync Online

Error Re-configuring ADFS

I recently had to re-deploy an ADFS farm, and ran into the following error while finishing the ADFS configuration: Unable to open the physical file: "C:WindowsWIDDataAdfsArtifactStore.mdf". Operating system error 2: "2(The system cannot find the file specified.)" Not only is the error a bit misleading, it also doesn't give you any ideas on how to … Continue reading Error Re-configuring ADFS