Lync 2013 Client: Switching devices during a call

The Lync 2013 client has introduced a number of changes from the 2010 client, and one of the biggest (and hardest to get used to) is the number of menus and options that are accessed by hovering, instead of having a button to click on.

One feature that we’ve really missed is the ability to switch between your phone handset and your headset mid-call. There used to be a button that you could click on in your chat window that would allow you to switch between devices on the fly – this was incredibly useful, especially if you’ve just come flying over to your desk and picked up the phone because your workstation was locked and you can’t get it through the soft client. That button has disappeared in Lync 2013, and we’ve been sorely missing it!

Well, fear not… that option is still there, it’s just hidden in a hover menu now – here’s how you access it:

Hover over this button:


This opens the menu that allows you to hold or transfer your call, as well as the dial pad and devices.

Click on Devices:



And now you can transfer between your handset and your headset on the fly!


You can also adjust your volume here, which is awesome, because this is separate from your headset’s volume, so you can get your volume louder, even if your headset is turned all the way up.

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