Fixed: PXE Boot Process loops 4 times

I ran into this issue on a recent Windows 10 deployment for a client – when the machine attempted to PXE boot from the WDS / MDT server, it would go through four iterations of the PXE boot cycle before finally getting the correct boot image from the server. Worse, if you have WDS configured to require F12 to continue, you have to press F12 each time, or it will time out and fail.

I tried a number of fixes to see if I could resolve the issue, including:

  • Setting default boot images – didn’t work
  • Removing the F12 requirement – didn’t work
  • Removed option 67 from the DHCP scope – didn’t work
  • Removed option 66 just for good measure – didn’t work
  • Tried changing option 67 to the boot wim,, pxeboot.n12 – didn’t work

NB: In case you’re wondering what these boot options actually are, here’s some of the settings you might be seeing:

After much searching, and not much luck, I stumbled across the following forum post, and gave it a shot:

On the network settings of the WDS server, Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP:

Problem solved!

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