Buy a domain in Office 365

A recent feature added in Office 365 allows you to buy a domain directly from your Office 365 admin center – a sweet feature that integrates with and allows you to buy directly without leaving your Office 365 set-up! Also, if you already have a domain through GoDaddy, Office 365 will automatically do the DNS setup and configure the domain for you.

To buy a new domain, simply click on Domains and then Buy a domain:

Type in the name of the domain you want to purchase, and the wizard will run the requisite checks to see if it’s available, and then give you a link to buy it:

One downside to this feature, is that it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada yet – once you click the link to purchase your domain, you get shot over to, and you have to purchase the domain through the website like a normal person 😦

This is what it should look like:

Even though the blog post says that this feature is available for Small Business as well as Enterprise clients, I only saw the “buy a domain” option on Enterprise and Midsize Business tenancies. I still need to test the automatic setup of a domain that is already purchased through GoDaddy, and I’ll post on my findings once I’ve done that.

Hopefully they continue to develop this feature, as I think it will be a great option for clients who just want to be able to manage all their stuff in one spot.

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