SkyDrive Pro and Office 2010

No soup for you!! I recently ran into an issue trying to synchronize a SharePoint Online document library on a client's computer - if you clicked on the link to synchronize a library, the following error would be displayed: I've highlighted the clue as to what the problem is - this webpage requires a program … Continue reading SkyDrive Pro and Office 2010

Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Now, I know that Google isn't reading my blog posts… but low and behold, several days after blogging about why I've left Google for Microsoft's tender embrace, Google pushed out an update to Chrome (still my favorite browser, mind you) that streamlines the interface - somewhat. Ok, got it… One big clean homepage - recent … Continue reading Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Sync Multiple SkyDrive Pro Libraries

Right after my last blog post talking about increased SkyDrive Pro storage, I had Colin ask me whether or not it was possible to create a shortcut on your computer for your Office 365 SkyDrive Pro? We both already had Skydrive Pro installed and syncing with SharePoint 2013 on premise... Well, I'm happy to say … Continue reading Sync Multiple SkyDrive Pro Libraries

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Microsoft recently announced some sexy improvements to SharePoint Online, and I thought I'd recap the main points and shout it out from the mountaintops - hey, I'm excited about it! Improved file upload experience: increased file upload limit from 250MB to 2 GB and expanded support for a broader range of file types. This is … Continue reading The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Users unable to change passwords

One gotcha to be aware of when changing password polices in Office 365 is this - once you change the password policy so that passwords never expire, your users will be unable to change their passwords in the Self Service options. The error that they'll see doesn't really tell you much: The tricky thing about … Continue reading Users unable to change passwords

British Airways takes to the cloud with Office 365

Saw this post today... Wow! "Office 365 will allow employees to collaborate and achieve their work tasks regardless of the platform, product or device," IAG chief information officer Nigel Underwood said in a statement. He added that creating a common IT platform for airlines across the group "will be more efficient and reduce our costs". IAG … Continue reading British Airways takes to the cloud with Office 365