Lessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

When you connect to as many different Office 365 tenancies as I do, it’s easy to lose track of which tenant you’re connecting to – especially if you’re working on one project, but logging on to another tenant to test changes. Sure enough, I was testing OneDrive sync restrictions for a client, and I accidentally … Read moreLessons Learned, SharePoint Online Edition

Force ADFS Database Sync

This’ll be a quick one – I ran into an issue last night where my secondary ADFS servers were not updating their database settings from the primary, and hadn’t updated in over 10 days. This was causing problems, as I had made some changes to ADFS to configure Yammer SSO, and the correct claims rules … Read moreForce ADFS Database Sync

IMAP Migrations: Last synced time is WRONG!!

This has been driving me crazy – I’m running an IMAP migration for one of our clients, and the batches don’t appear to have been running their regular incremental sync (by default supposed to run every 24 hours). After digging around in PowerShell cmdlets trying to see if I could find a way to determine … Read moreIMAP Migrations: Last synced time is WRONG!!