Unable to connect to Exchange Online Shell

Access Denied (No soup for you!) I’ve been using this script to streamline my connection to the Exchange Online Shell, and it’s been working well for me – until recently when I ran into this weird “Access Denied” error: As you can imagine, I started out by troubleshooting issues with my account, trying to figure … Read moreUnable to connect to Exchange Online Shell

Unable to change Deleted Item Retention

I recently needed to update the Deleted Item Retention period in Office 365 from the default 14 days to the maximum allowed (30 days) for all mailboxes in my environment. Since I was migrating mailboxes to Office 365 at the time, I wrote a script that I could add to my process which would update … Read moreUnable to change Deleted Item Retention

How and when Clutter is enabled

This question has been bugging me since Clutter was launched, and I was happy to find this thread on the IT Pro Network that answered it. Clutter is one of those features that I take for granted now, but it’s definitely a question that comes up during migrations when users are starting to see it, … Read moreHow and when Clutter is enabled

Distribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

Office 365 Groups: Next Gen Distribution Lists? Lately Microsoft has been putting a lot of focus on Office 365 groups as an ad hoc, user driven collaboration platform. These Office 365 Groups are also used for Microsoft Planner, as each Office 365 Group creates a plan, and every time a user creates a new plan … Read moreDistribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

RetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

I ran into an issue today where we discovered that a subset of our users with mailboxes that had been migrated to Office 365 had Retention Hold enabled on their mailboxes – what was strange about this was that we hadn’t set this at all during our migration, and it seemed to be randomly applied … Read moreRetentionHoldEnabled Inconsistency

How to blacklist a domain in Office 365

Log in to your Exchange admin center, and go to mail flow – rules: Click on the plus icon to create a new rule, and choose Bypass spam filtering: Note: You can use this same rule to either whitelist or blacklist a domain depending on the options you choose later. As you can see, there … Read moreHow to blacklist a domain in Office 365