Uniqueness violation. Property: SourceAnchor

I’ve run into this error in Azure AD Connect (DirSync), and I thought I’d share how I fixed it – as is often the case with sync errors, the solution is not always obvious and requires some digging! To start us off, this is what the error looks like: attributes associated with this object have … Read moreUniqueness violation. Property: SourceAnchor

DirSync error: Attribute Value Must Be Unique

I’ve run into this error before, and it’s usually pretty straightforward – find the duplicate proxy address (usually), and remove it… problem solved. This time, however, wasn’t as straightforward – searching for the duplicate proxy address that DirSync was complaining about turned up nothing at all in Active Directory! I dug a bit deeper into … Read moreDirSync error: Attribute Value Must Be Unique

Find which server DirSync is installed on

As consultants, we often find ourselves in environments that haven’t been properly managed, and usually not properly documented – which is generally why we get called in. In this particular situation, I was asked to install and configure DirSync / AAD Connect for a client – only to find out that it was already installed! … Read moreFind which server DirSync is installed on

Creating a New User (Remote Mailbox)

This is the second of three posts detailing how to create new users in a Hybrid environment. In this case, it was Exchange 2010 on premise, Hybrid to Exchange Online, with ADFS / DirSync, and SSO. There was some confusion with the Help Desk staff on how to manage their environment going forward, so I … Read moreCreating a New User (Remote Mailbox)