OneNote: Better than ever, and now even more free

OneNote is easily my most favorite productivity application ever – and most definitely the one application I can’t live without! I’ve been using it since Office 2007, and I continue to love it all the way through to 2013 – even when I was using a Mac exclusively for a while, I couldn’t find anything … Read moreOneNote: Better than ever, and now even more free

OneNote Double Rainbow

Microsoft announced a few days ago that my beloved OneNote has finally, finally been released on the Mac platform! On top of that, it’s now freely available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they have Office installed on their computer! To me, this news is the equivalent of seeing a double rainbow – OneNote has always … Read moreOneNote Double Rainbow

Delegated Access & Sent items

Keeping sent items in the correct mailbox is a common problem for Exchange users who have delegated access to a shared mailbox, or even Send As permissions on another user’s mailbox. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem, and it works the same whether your Exchange is on premise, or in Office 365. The … Read moreDelegated Access & Sent items

Google slims down, Chrome gets toned

Now, I know that Google isn’t reading my blog posts… but low and behold, several days after blogging about why I’ve left Google for Microsoft’s tender embrace, Google pushed out an update to Chrome (still my favorite browser, mind you) that streamlines the interface – somewhat. Ok, got it… One big clean homepage – recent … Read moreGoogle slims down, Chrome gets toned

The one where I break Word

I was editing a template today and trying to get some Quick Parts in Word 2013 to automatically update and populate data from the document properties – this ensures that certain fields would automatically be filled in when creating a new document based on this template, which works really well for fields that need to … Read moreThe one where I break Word