Uniqueness violation. Property: SourceAnchor

I’ve run into this error in Azure AD Connect (DirSync), and I thought I’d share how I fixed it – as is often the case with sync errors, the solution is not always obvious and requires some digging! To start us off, this is what the error looks like: attributes associated with this object have … Read moreUniqueness violation. Property: SourceAnchor

Distribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

Office 365 Groups: Next Gen Distribution Lists? Lately Microsoft has been putting a lot of focus on Office 365 groups as an ad hoc, user driven collaboration platform. These Office 365 Groups are also used for Microsoft Planner, as each Office 365 Group creates a plan, and every time a user creates a new plan … Read moreDistribution Groups, Naming Policies and You!

On Premise attributes not updating properly

I’ve run into this problem a few times during recent migrations, so I’ve started incorporating the script blocks below into my migration scripts to make sure that I have a consistent experience with moving shared mailboxes, and enabling archive mailboxes. Issue: Sometimes msExchange attributes are not properly updated when a mailbox is moved in Exchange. … Read moreOn Premise attributes not updating properly