Turn on External sharing in Office 365

External Sharing must be enabled or configured in two places before people can start sharing sites, documents, lists or libraries. The first place is under settings in the SharePoint admin center: Under External sharing, choose the level of access you’d like to enable, and whether or not you want to have anonymous access: Now select … Read moreTurn on External sharing in Office 365

Share a document library with external users

External user sharing Office 365 allows you to share your content with external users either at the site level, or the folder/document level, and this process is documented nicely here. Where things get tricky is if you need to share a document library or a list with external users, but not give them access to … Read moreShare a document library with external users

Office 365 Licensing: Watch where you click!

When we cancelled our Project online pilot account, Microsoft graciously offered to waive our early termination fee – this was quite nice of them, but we had no idea we were locked in for any specific period of time. …puzzling! Looking into the license options in Office 365, you see these two options right next … Read moreOffice 365 Licensing: Watch where you click!

Office 365 Password Reset (self-service options)

Option 1: “I know my password, but want to change it” The 2010 version (wave 14) of Office 365 didn’t have a self service option for end users to change their passwords, and required them to send an email to their administrators if they wanted to make a change. Thankfully, the 2013 update of Office … Read moreOffice 365 Password Reset (self-service options)

Exchange Migration Errors

Recently while performing a migration from Exchange 2003 to Office 365 (wave 15), I ran into a few mailboxes that were failing the migration with the following error: The error sounds pretty straightforward, and the general recommendation on the community forums is to delete these accounts and start over. Makes sense… these are user accounts … Read moreExchange Migration Errors

How to wrap up an Office 365 IMAP Migration

On a recent migration from hosted Exchange to Office 365 using an IMAP Email Migration, we ran into a bit of an issue when trying to complete the migration: There’s no way to stop it gracefully! It turns out that Microsoft has removed the Stop button, and have deprecated the PowerShell cmdlet Complete-Migration (see below). … Read moreHow to wrap up an Office 365 IMAP Migration