Users unable to change passwords

One gotcha to be aware of when changing password polices in Office 365 is this – once you change the password policy so that passwords never expire, your users will be unable to change their passwords in the Self Service options. The error that they’ll see doesn’t really tell you much: The tricky thing about … Read moreUsers unable to change passwords

British Airways takes to the cloud with Office 365

Saw this post today… Wow! “Office 365 will allow employees to collaborate and achieve their work tasks regardless of the platform, product or device,” IAG chief information officer Nigel Underwood said in a statement. He added that creating a common IT platform for airlines across the group “will be more efficient and reduce our costs”. IAG … Read moreBritish Airways takes to the cloud with Office 365

The one where I break Word

I was editing a template today and trying to get some Quick Parts in Word 2013 to automatically update and populate data from the document properties – this ensures that certain fields would automatically be filled in when creating a new document based on this template, which works really well for fields that need to … Read moreThe one where I break Word

Set SkyDrive Pro storage limits

A new feature that’s recently popped up in the SharePoint admin center allows you to manage storage limits for individual user’s Personal Site, now called SkyDrive Pro. SkyDrive Pro is an awesome utility that gives you greater storage and sharing capabilities, while allowing you to sync a SharePoint library on your computer. Like it’s free … Read moreSet SkyDrive Pro storage limits

Recover multiple (thousands) of items in OWA 2007

When a user deletes emails in their Outlook or Web client, these items typically go into their Deleted Items folder – however, if the user hard deletes (Shift-Delete) these items, or empties their trash, these emails can still be recovered out of the Dumpster. The Dumpster is basically a retention setting in Exchange that keeps … Read moreRecover multiple (thousands) of items in OWA 2007

Turn on External sharing in Office 365

External Sharing must be enabled or configured in two places before people can start sharing sites, documents, lists or libraries. The first place is under settings in the SharePoint admin center: Under External sharing, choose the level of access you’d like to enable, and whether or not you want to have anonymous access: Now select … Read moreTurn on External sharing in Office 365